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878 Collective is the first fashion tech hub hailing from Budapest. Melding future and technology, we give designers, creatives and makers a chance to make their next big thing happen in ways unimaginable before. Under the roof of a collective there is no strife, only efficiency.

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The 878 Manifesto

We are the sole flickering light at the frontier of couture. We are a deep space station at the bleeding edge of the tech world, picking up signals scattered around the Universe. We are the sustainable thread keeping the fabric of reality together. We are the laser-etched harbingers of things to come. We are the makers, the weavers, the iconoclasts, the shamans of fabrics, the wizards of vision and the illuminati of vogue. We are the Moirai of style, controlling the eternal threads of fashion. We are a Collective for we are legion.
878 Collective is a synthesis: adamant and vibrant, sensory neon décor on vantablack Vicuña wool, deceptively traditional, yet uncompromisingly selective from the future pool as well.
Based on the legacy of Leo Goldberger, one of Hungary’s foremost vindicators of the fashion industry (whose birth year 1878 we incorporated into our name with respect and pride), we initiate a collective of creative talents from the fields of fashion and technology to meld the best minds with the best tools to turn 878Co into.
We are fighting:
the inefficiency of solutions all forms of idealess attire which make people devoid of capabilities, wiredness and intensity the so-called “modern taste”.
Modern is now and now is already in the past.
We embrace the multisensory, the transformable, the illusory, the gamified, the networked, the energy-efficient, the trendless, the co-created, the digital, the regenerative, the bionic, the productive, and the conductive.
We are Unlabeled for we believe in ideas instead of corporate gods. We worship creativity, not shareholders. We are Untamed for we don’t respect conventions, we seek the strange, the radical, the weird and the unknown. We are Unlimited for we believe that nothing can stand in the way of progress, creation and the ideas of a networked mind.
We pledge that 878 projects will intrigue the mind as well as the heart. They will be radical | assertive | intelligent | flying | illuminating | shapeshifting | conscious | olfactory | persuasive.
The 3D-printed sky’s the limit.
Let’s weave the world together.
Join us.